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Sunday Salon - December 21

Sunday Salon - December 21
December 17, 2008
This month’s Sunday Salon will feature readings from Kwani? 05

Sunday Salon Nairobi

A Prose Reading Series

This month’s Sunday Salon will feature readings from Kwani? 05 by:

Billy Kahora

David Kaiza

Zukiswa from Zimbabwe

Music by June Gachui

Four readers

Four unique voices

In a tranquil outdoor setting


Sunday 21st Deecmber

Kengeles, Lavington Green

Entry Only KSh. 300


Billy Kahora

Billy Kahora is Kwani? and Special Projects Editor. He also writes fiction and has recently completed an MS.c in Creative Writing with distinction and as a Chevening Scholar at the University of Edinburgh.
Billy studied and worked in South Africa for 8 years.

After leaving South Africa Billy wrote ‘The True Story of David Munyakei’, an extended non-fiction piece with literary elements for Kwani? and joined the organization to spearhead a new kind of journalism: a journalism that can go beyond the dry official voices of the last 40 years and open up the new socio-cultural and socio-political spaces that are emerging in the country by the use of literary elements.

He has been published in Vanity Fair, Cape Times, the Mail and Guardian and the East African Standard. He has also extensively covered the youth hip-hop scene in Nairobi for the British Council’s WAPI (Words and Pictures) landmark project. He was recently highly commended for his short story, ‘Treadmill Love’ by the 2007 Caine Prize judges. He is currently working on a novel based on his short story, ‘The Applications’ published in Kwani? 3 and is also collaborating on a non-fiction book on environmental corruption in Kenya

David Kaiza

Born in 1975 in the north Ugandan town of Aboke, Kaiza lived in Kampala for 21 years because of the war and attended Makerere University which he graduated from in 1999. He worked as a journalist for the regional newspaper, The EastAfrican for many years where he was also a literary-cultural critic. A fine artist as well, he also did some television work where he was a story teller as well as animator. He has some experience in craftsmanship, particularly brass which has a history – although forgotten – where he was born. His publication in the forthcoming Kwani? 05 is his first lengthy creative output.

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wapi 6 - innovation katogo..

be there!

Wanted: African Freelance Reporters

Written by Kwani · November 28, 2008

To serve our fast growing portfolio of international clients like KLM, Heineken, Microsoft, Nestlé and Nike Africa Interactive is urgently looking for Freelance African reporters to do paid assignments.

We are looking for:

* African journalists
* African photographers
* African cameramen/women

in all African countries, who speak English or French or Portuguese

If you like to sign up, please follow this link:

If you want to see who are in our reporter database now, please follow this link:

If you like to read more about becoming a reporter for Africa Interactive, please follow this link:

If you still want more information, please send an e-mail to Peter Vlam:

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