Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ZILZOPENDWA..something new..

It is not a disputed fact that I like to "randaranda",my mama tried to beat that behaviour out of me but it was inborn I guess..Now this fine day I was "randaing" all over the web and I GOOGLED Kenyanpoetry,what came up was a blog spot,yes..a blog spot or at least a way to get into it.
I of course rushed there and I found that it is the official blog of Kenyan poetry,that I dispute coz so many brothers and sisters out there have been blogging beautiful poetry since blogging became mainstream.
But the punch in this blog is that it promises to give us poetry that was submitted to THE KENYA ASSOCIATION OF POETS in the 1980s and 1990s,now isn't that lovely?Considering that not so many of our generation were not born back then, I think its going to be lovely and poetically speaking refreshing..
Yours faithfully,EAPOET,has provided a link directly to this blog that promises to be a change.Just click KENYAN POETRY on the link list on your right.

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