Saturday, June 21, 2008

happy 2nd birthday WAPI!

WAPI is officially 24 months young,nice isn't it?
In between my very busy schedule(ahem)I always create time to attend what I really love and WAPI is one of my greatest loves,I get late again as I always do,the tight schedule,remember?Inside I only find Imani getting off stage,late is not really good..but its already jumping and the WARRIORS FROM THE EAST,from Arusha,kill it,with their fine and great music.
Whatever happened to word inside WAPI?No one does it anymore,anyway I get to spot NEEMA NGWATILO who sits pretty on the cover of the WAPI TIMES,she hangs out kidogo then poteas,I also get to see GRANDMASTER who I think about asking about his vybe with EUDIA but he is busy so I let it go,I don't hang here much,so as soon as my legs itch(no seats)I decide to leave..
WAPI is lovely thats all I can ever say,I am no doubt me and many other youth out there appreciate this good thing.

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