Sunday, April 5, 2009


She strums
Like her snaky fingers
were meant for no other
than her guitar,
she sucks in the air
In a way so divine
then lets it all go
In rhymes that
marry her wailing guitar
So faithfully and
So truly..

so truly that her tears flow;

tears that are her soul’s dew
thawing away
and bathing her..

Eroding away
the muck
that describes her life.

The beats
remain the only drug
that her troubled world
knows and understands



Amelia said...

hey! just visiting your blog for the first time after reading your comment on my blog and i am liking it! i love this poem. i relate with the girl in your poem. i sometimes feel that music is the only thing i get and the only thing that gets me!

Charlie said...

man i envy your blog matter of fact. plus i think your poetry is refined with alot of simplicity. you have it coming so fine.