Sunday, November 25, 2007


As seen through Che Guevara,Nelson Mandela,Steve Biko,Dedan Kimathi,Julius Nyerere,and the saints that had their blood spilled for the sake of a free world,living or dead...
Maybe one day we will get out of this slumber
or the slumber will get out of us,
anyway none of the two matter,no fuss.
What we actually need is just emancipation
rid our beautiful minds of this constipation
constipation of the brains
which only brings pains
pains without gains..
and isn't pain supposed to come with gain?
We talk freedom but our feet cannot move an inch
because of this chains at our ankles.
At times I wonder if its so easy to attain it
why is that its the most expensive if not exquisite,
like a presidential suite
or a relentless pursuit
for this fruit..
the tasty and ripe fruit called freedom.
see it doesn't come cheap
we sow then wait to reap.
it comes with a price,a hefty one
we shall lose a lot thats one
blood might get spilled or maybe none
but only if we keep resigned to fate like a nun
we ought to fight before our homes and souls they burn.
Freedom isn't cheap
so by our blood we shall sow and wait to reap
before we get toppled to a messy heap
we shall have put up a fight
because we believe in right
while they trust their might
but he that reigns the highest
sides with us to the slightest
and by his blessings which are the best
as they have been put to a test
we shall descend on them
and leave them wondering
and pondering
wondering and meandering
round and round as if in a stupor ring.
But then for us it will be ululation
jubilation and the finalization
which is he realization after the great emancipation
emancipation from that brain constipation.
And for whoever we might have lost,
we shall not forget
for they fell for being evils target.
they deserve appreciation
and the next generations recognition
that they were great and for others good they did not hesitate
to donate
donate their lives for a cause so worthy.
It doesn't come cheap
so we sow and earnestly wait to reap
this phenomenon called freedom.


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