Tuesday, November 20, 2007


What can I say?What should I say?What ought I say?
Its Tuesday 20 November and Its 6:52pm.I get off a" citi hoppa" and I am inside TheJunction in a minute.I head straight to Nu Metro,nice place,really classy.I like.I mill around the CDs especially the local ones and I am thinking I should get myself one of these, kwanza that baskeli one by the very fly Valerie."Save bro,save," I remind myself.
I corner one smiley attendant and I'm like,"Is the Poets club happening?I was here last Tuesday and I realised I was a full week early..."
"Screen 3 upstairs,"she replies curtly.
I take three stairs at a time and I'm inside screen 3 in a flash where I find one brother doing some good mellow poetry.Not so bad..
Next comes a guy Ive seen gracing WAPI he does some good spoken word and promises to deliver the remaining bit next year,hope we can remember; let alone wait..
After those two poets its a movie! A movie? I thought it was a night of poetry,at least Imani said so maybe I was wrong or she was.I dont know plus it doesnt really matter.
"Beowulf",thats the name of the movie,really,really good storyline,about greed,lust and human weakness.Its good,very inspiring.
I leave before it ends and catch a hoppa to town then home.
So much for a poets night.
Thats basically what went down.

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