Sunday, November 11, 2007

word or poetry or what ever they call it out there..

Do you ever think so hard and cant get a thing?Then all over a sudden like a strong hunger pang,an idea you so much wanted to get a grip on grips happens to me,like that blissful dream that you cannot remember in the morning.Surely it happens to you too,sort of like a deja vu.Now you get it..
This about poetry,the beauty of it,its liberating powers and the grip it gets on someone(like a vice on a wokmans bench).Speaking of poetry..check out this tiny baby here..
If we were born free,
why do we walk around in chains?
why do we have these shackles on our ankles
that are so much a part of us,like our skins?
I dont know.
maybe you know,
maybe he knows or she knows or they know.
but one thing I surely know is that I dont know.

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