Sunday, February 17, 2008

deeper than deep..

Robet Nesta Marley said,"...have no fear for atomic energy,coz none a dem can stop the time.."
Now seriously think about this..I mean it,seriously think about this..The Martin Luther way and the Nelson Mandela way..
"amani haiji ila kwa incha ya upanga...."
Its true peace has a hefty price tag
and its almost impossible to fight an enemy
without hating him,
because why then should he be called an enemy,
if he doesnt earn your wrath.
Winning is great,good and beautiful
but it looses its good if theres too much bad attached.
It isnt fair to make a step ahed
and consequently take two back.
To win and to win good
you have to fight and break down your enemies defences.
But to win and win best,
is to break down your enemies defences without a fight.
To win in this age is harder than before
today you use a mind force,a soul force
not a physical one.
That way you can bend a spoon
withot touching it.

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