Sunday, February 17, 2008

short and sweet..

Today I am going to blow someone who cares to read this blog with short but deep poems that I personally think are a great way of getting a multi faceted message across..
Do enjoy.

Can something be so right
that it seems so wrong?
Can love be so tender
that it feels unbreakably hard?

Can innocence be so true
that it looks guiltily true?
Can one be so holy
that it looks blasphemous?

Can pain be so great
that you cannoy feel it?
Can hurt be so excruciating
that it is melted into ones soul?

Can a life be so well lived
in a very short span?
Can ones departure
be the departure of a part of someone else?

Do angels ever fall from heaven?
like stars do sometimes?
Will I ever meet one?
But again havent I?

She fell from heaven
Just like a star
Ofcourse she was one
I met her.

If only you left something,
Something more than fond memories.
Something touchable,
Something as gracious as you.

The void so deep,it would not be,
The pain so intense,it would not be,
The emptiness within so profound,it would not be,
This feeling so hopeless,it would not be.

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