Wednesday, November 12, 2008



A few words would aptly tell how the whole saga that is WAPI went down on the 8-11-08; "pathetic time management and disorganisation"

I could go on and on about how great WAPI is but I will not,true WAPI discples will testify that WAPI is God-sent..

I got to view the WAPI FOCUS UGANDA poster in my campus and I tried googling it so I could set
it on this blog but it was nowhere,I guess I should do it myself..
So its a Saturday and me and a pal have been running through a spoken word piece that we
would like to perform and he has his lines on lock but mine are vapour in my head,all hazy and unclear...

We got to the People's sapce at 11:07 and the stage hasn't even been set,boy were early..we head to the writer's tent and realise that nobody is showcasing their work as it has been in the last two WAPIs;there are no boards to exhibit our work so we improvise.

At about 11:30 our poems are up on display and a couple of people drop by and criticise,one reminds us that our pieces have no rhyme and I try to tell him that rhyme holds me down,it's not that I cannot rhyme but rhyme dictates a rigid path that I have to poetry isn't that ,its about freedon of expression.Someone else thinks one of the pieces shold begin with a diffrent line and I'm like "WHAT?.."; another cannot rate my poems because the music distracts him...

Big up to all those who showed us love,we appreciate it big!

Perfomances begun at about 2:08 and I must admit music was greatly represented..
BAXIMBA WAVES took forever to set up and an even longer time in perfomance but I have mad love for these geniuses and I would listen to their beats and words anyday.I also loved the fusion of BAXIMBA and GNL;it was out of this world.

GNL came in much later and tore up the podium as he always does,TOO EXTREME, my favourite WAPI underground kings did their thing and they too never fail to impress
"n*gga i'm the best
so you can f*ck the rest..."

Those lines are just stuck in my head and wont let go.

A few minutes past 8 RACHAEL K and LUFU decided to call it a day.


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