Thursday, November 20, 2008

in the words of Nelson Mandela.

it's amazing how luck loves smiling upon my wretched self,I dropped by a friend's room and found this truly fab' book -IN THE WORDS OF NELSON MANDELA,complete with raw photos of the bigger than life MADIBA smiling in a way nobody could describe aptly..

Now I just can't seem to let go of this jewel of a book.

But to be plain and simple,it's about MANDELA'S take on a whole lot of issues,actually all the issues that pertain to living;its amazing how normal talk can go on to be really revolutionary work that inspires so many people..

There is so much to say about this book but I wont tel it all;to the youth he says this;
"Young people are capable,when aroused,of brining down towers of sppression and raisng banners of freedom"

To be able to be lucky enough to be let into the mind of a man who towers over so many,is proving too much for me and my humble senses,each phrase I read hits me so hard that I have to pause and re-read it afresh in my mind.

NELSON MANDELA is a man above the rest and an icon above the many we know;this is the finest that I grasped-


Writing is a profession which puts one right into the centre of the world and,to remain on top,one has to work really hard,the aim being a good and original theme,simplicity in expression and the use of the irreplaceable word"

From a letter to his daughter Zindzi,4th Sept.'77

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