Thursday, November 13, 2008

too busy

I couldnt pick her calls
because I was busy all day..

But the mere mention of the word 'BUSY'
is always enough to drill out her diamond tears
and lying was never the best of my virtues,

I'll tell it as it is.

'Hey baby;how was your day?'

Deafening silence after the curt reply
It's not all good.

'Well,thats all I needed to know
have a splendid night,
hope I'll catch you tomorrow..'

With that I hung up and toppled onto my bed.

But after a minute the cell rings
and the name 'luvliest' is on my screen

'Hey..I was trying to ease my achy body..'

She gets straight to it
and doesnt mince her words

'You don't love me anymore.'

Then the deafening silence

'You don't do me anymore
you don't see me anymore
and you don't even talk anymore'

'I do,I always have
I've just been...'


'Say it as plainly as you can;
you've been busy!'

Her voice is breaking
they must be dropping by now

'Too busy for the lady you call yours,
too busy to see me yet I've been ill,
too busy to know it was my birthday today,
too busy to care about tonight's dinner,
just plain too busy for me..'

One look at my calendar echoes all that she says
and I'm too stunned to talk

'So you don't even find me worthy of your words
your time and your care...
maybe we should chill out a little bit...'


She cries and waits
but I'm lost for words.
This isn't happening
finally the beep goes flat
she's hang up.

That was four days ago
the last time I was sober.

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