Friday, September 19, 2008

PAINTED VOICES:a collage of art and poetry

This is a collection unlike no other (that’s the best description for lack of a better one)…a blend of the new and the old inside the quite lukewarm poetry scene in Uganda. The small book-it’s a collection of only 20 fine poems-is a collaboration between FEMRITE and AFRIART GALLERY, how poetry and painting can marry almost to perfection makes this anthology a trendsetter in this field.

I noticed a number of established, East African poetry heavyweights like OKOT P'BITEK (remember him from song of lawino), TIMOTHY WANGUSA (writer of the satirical Psalms 23 II) and HENRY BARLOW (who writes about building the nation as a permanent secretary's driver)

New voices also come out strongly in this collection, most notably SOPHIE BAMWOYERAKI, whom I've witnessed performing a poem dedicated to her Papa which I found extremely touching. I however thought her poem in here FEAR, ended too abruptly.
Another great piece was from a lady who handles her business like they're (ladies) supposed to; the lovely ROSEY SEMBATYA.her poem IN CONTROL was simple but beautifully contemporary.

The men too did a commendable job and I think the panelists that finally chose the poems to be published also did an extraordinary job.
Feast your eyes and soul on this beautiful marriage of painters and poets; lethal, if you might ask me.

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