Monday, September 15, 2008



Wapi, wapi… wapi…what can really be said? The best thing after sliced bread or the best thing since East Africa attained independence. The K'LA WAPI runs from 2 pm to about 8:30 pm which is quite different from WAPI NAIROBI which ends at about 6 pm.True to K'LA parties the party races hard into the night through to 9 pm and its jumping even after I leave at about 9:15 pm.
This is how it went down…
Its 5 o'clock and my head is in a spin so ruthless that I feel like I could bite of the head of the inventor of the phenomenon called a traffic jam, but because patience is a virtue and I try to stay as virtuous as possible, I grit my teeth and watch other cars move slowly past...
After what seems like eternity, I get to town and catch a boda b' quick, fast and in a hurry then soon enough I get to the fabulous HOTEL AFRICANA to its part that's ideally called the PEOPLE'S SPACE. The party is already jumping and there's a Tanzanian crew busting Swahili rhymes on stage.
Later on a designer displays some very 'streety' clothes which I must admit is a nice change away from the usual fashion shows where you’ve got skinny girls that stand at 7 feet and where clothes that you can never get into in the streets of East Africa .
This is only the third edition of WAPI in Kampala but the crowd could put the Nairobi edition to test. I take a walk to the clearly marked tent that’s supposed to house the poets and to my surprise I found only one poet; a certain young man by the name of B.GIDEON, a high school brother who already has a published collection of wonderful, easy and fine poems. (Please read more of his poems in here, CHECK THE SIDE BAR.).
The collection that I get to purchase goes by the name of BY SAIL, BY CUPID co-written by B.GIDEON and K.COSMAS.
One Mr.Kasisi gets on stage clad in a Maasai shuka and is carrying a wooden cross, his poetry is also quite touching only that he gets booed off stage before he does his thing right.
I get a line from him amidst all the noise and it goes something like this, ' If wishes were fishes all men would be fishermen' and I thought that was really cool.

Voice of hope children's home performs some acrobatic stunts that get me holding my breath; the kids were so young. Their B-boying was also worth writing about. I get to know that they are street kids getting rehabilitated through art in acrobatics.
The rest of the evening wears on with lots of fashion and a lot of music, mostly of the radio-everyday type. One singer grabs my attention though, the brother who dropped rap music in his native Rutooro, not your everyday type of music...

The night is however made great by KLEAR KUT,this crew of NAVIO and LANGMAN THE MYTH showed the 'baby MCs' how real hip-hop is done, with THE MYTH reminding everyone who thought they owned LUGA-FLOW that he was its rightful king. These rappers are more than truly talented and they keep getting better with each passing year.

The artist of the night was the finest Luganda rapper in Uganda, none other than BABA LUKU, who had just jetted in. He reminded everyone that it was indeed a dream come true for him to finally see a working platform for the underground Luganda hip-hop scene. He drops more than enough rhymes and when his time to leave comes, he left all of us shouting, "ENCORE!"
The MCs call it a wrap right after he (Baba Luku) leaves but the DJ promises to play music for the rest of the crowd after the performances.
That’s what happened at WAPI K'LA

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