Wednesday, September 24, 2008


An eastafricanpoet’s go at him:

The first time I was lucky enough to witness this poetry addict performing was at his premier performance at the British council, I loved the piece he did on originality and an African having a definition even before the painting was repainted using white hues, if you know what I mean.
Mwaura’s poetry is strong; any witness will attest to this and his flow is so liquid, he drowns you into it without much fuss...
But on his debut performance at WAPI that Sep 2007,I think stage fright or just plain excitement got the best of him and he was like,’Damn;I’ve forgotten my lines…can I have the rough copy?’ well he did not fall back to the rough copy, he just dismissed the whole performance and left the podium with a 5 star applause all over the air around him.
The next time I see him, we are at a symposium run by Imani and in attendance are poetry geniuses like Njeri Wangare.but Mwaura looked so cool unlike the fine poetry maestro that he is...
Next time I hear about him; he’s just become the first KENYA SLAM CHAMPION after beating a host of celebrated names. But he isn’t basking in that glory, far from that; he is perfecting his poetry besides helping a host of needy people.

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