Friday, September 19, 2008

upcoming OPEN-MIC night at the AFRI-ART GALLERY:

Im sitting inside a lecture hall and my tutor is going on and on about managers and how management is about getting things done in collaboration with other people, and Im thinking management is towering over people with a mean face and getting things done. To tell it truly in black and white.

Out of my lecture and rewind to about three hours ago earlier in the day; I stepped into the AFRIART GALLERY inside U.M.A showground where I might a lovely lady who offers me all the help she can about the upcoming OPEN-MIC night. Apparently it happens every last Friday of the month and it was born only in June.

About performances and registration of the same, she tells me all I need is to give her my phone number and name, plus I get to drop a comment into their comment book (even though it was first time around).

About the gallery now; a couple of great art pieces caught my eye but the prices are sky high. The hand painted t-shirts look OK and the gallery is really spacious so I'm surprised when she tells me that the performances take place outside the place, around a fire the traditional story way which I thought was really cool.

'Any questions?' the tutor gets me out of my reverie but a student who conveniently answers and asks all the questions gets the tutor busy for another few minutes..

I learnt all I needed about the upcoming poets night and even got myself a poetry collection that is nothing but a collector's item.
Get to know more about it here.

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