Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is to you on the safe harbor

I have set my sail high and up
And the wind has impregnated her already;
She is full and ready.
And we’re now in the middle of the murky blue sea,
All we see is a relentless blue.

My fellow seamen are weary
The captain has dozed by the wheel
And the rest have slumped on the deck
It’s tough
Made even tougher by the hopelessness

I’ve dropped this into the sea in a bottle
I hope the ebbing waves find you
And deliver this to your pretty fingers.
I’ll be there too
If the sea favors me...

I’d love to know how you fair
If it’s truly peaceful there
But it must be,
After the rough sea
The harbor is always peaceful

My ship will rest on the tide’s back
If it takes us bad, then worst it will be
If it takes good, then best it will be.
But I will arrive
Then kickback and rest; just rest…

This is from me out in the sea.

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