Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It’s a lazy afternoon and I’m chilling at the Uganda-famous beach (lake shore) called Lido thinking hard about issues...I also catch up with the poetic-me and jot down a few poems.
These poems were inspired by the lake, the people and the music around me. I hope they get to please you.

1.An afternoon by the lake:

I sit by the waters and watch
I can see misty hills in the horizon
And dark gray waters go as far my humble eyes

Closer by the shore
Big muscled boys show young girls
How to bodily navigate the waters

Around me hairy-legged men in shorts
Fidget with expensive mobile phones
As the ladies with them munch easy on chips and fresh lake fish

The afternoon wears lazily on
Amid windy sunshine, mirandas and R n B
I’m just another person by the lake in jeans and sneakers

A wrinkling sun burned pink man
Tags along two ladies having long horse hair
He needs a swim but they are not eager

Birds fly easy over placid waters
Picking fishes of the waters like fingers pick fries
Some shoot hard into the water then out as hard as they came.

A Marvin Gaye hit swarms the air
And I realize that I’m truly lonely...
Plus me and my lady no longer connect.

2. The someone else I don’t know:

I heard her ask in a mellow voice
What’s love but a second hand emotion
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?
Maybe it’s true; nobody needs something that can get hurt.

But again living without a heart isn’t living…
It’s that heart beat that makes icy blood thaw in our veins.
It’s that beat that sings a favorite song to someone else.
The only someone else that can understand your heart’s conversation
That someone else that I don’t know...

3. Free souls:

Easy Lingala weaves through the air to my ears
And my head nods in rhythm with my heart
Madilu system, Franco.Papa wemba...
Mawazo feels so easy and deep.
Some Mbilia bell and Tshala mwana also do good.

Two girls stand in the knee high waters
With children sobbing in fear.
Lovers sit in the sand touching each others arms
And jealousy creeps into me.
The sun is now gone

People around me laugh, drink and smile
Photographers ask if I need a photo
But I’m here to run away
And that’s not a memory I want on a photo
‘No Ssebo, I’m okay; no photo today..’

Boys blaze up white cancer sticks
As they smile to their girlfriends.
The sun is now gone but more people get into the water
It must be better now
Better their free souls.

You can see that all those were from a fellow full of fish and issues, a deadly combination…

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Iwaya said...

Totally feeling this! I have been on Entebbe beaches and I know where this is coming from.