Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I personally believe that few forums in the underground elicit as much excitement and artistic psyche like WAPI, if any. This initiative for the underground arts is no doubt attaining its aim of showcasing how gifted the underground is. Solely propped up by THE BRITISH COUNCIL, WAPI is taking over in artistic hotspots all over Africa, the beautiful motherland.

Kampala’s edition of WAPI is only in its 4th happening and is growing in leaps. Being the arts fanatic that I am, I would miss it for nothing...WAPI MY RIGHTS didn’t hit the spot this time round but a few big names were in attendance; I got to spot XENSON, the graffiti king who had an official’s tag. His graffiti is really good and I asked myself why he didn’t get into work-mode and show the canister amateurs how to do it right as the graffiti in the place was below par.

I checked into THE PEOPLE’S PLACE at 2:52 and headed straight to the POETS/WRITERS tent where nobody showcased their work. Then to the ARTS tent where the paintings, jewelley and sculptures never fail to impress. I’ll get myself one of those soon. The show had not begun but the in house DJ played some fine reggae that I liked...

I spotted a group of FREESTYLISTS and headed their way like a dog that had smelled a bone. One MATEO PONSI (who’s white) drums so well as the rappers get into the circle to bust rhymes, all these was coordinated by one UGLY who threw out anyone that fell off beat, the B-BOYS also helped to warm it up nice. I’m the last and the only one that slows it down with poetry, the mad props I get surely got me psyched up but it wasn’t long before the artists were called to their tent. Big up to MATEO PONSI and BEN BEIZ for that fine rap session, the artists also killed it.

WAPI oozes creativity and is the only forum where you can have a singer, comedian, a fashion designer, a graffiti artist, a poet, a rapper and a professional photographer share one audience.

The acts began at about 3:39 and the artists could be visibly seen backstage biting nails and changing into performance gear. I however spotted no ladies but a later on few were in attendance.

Fashion was aptly represented by CLEAR FASHIONS and STELLA CREATIONS who displayed fab’ ladies clothes. I didn’t happen to spot any more fashion up until I left at about 8:26.

Dancing was world class, I must admit. Dance was represented by the superfine MAISHA, who displayed moves that got everyone off their seats, the fellaz and chicks in this crew are the best in the city and their WAPI show showed how good they truly were. But MAISHA were given a run for their money and talent by the BREAKDANCE PROJECT, whose teenage boys and girls did moves that impressed all. They were personally my best performers for the night. Big up to all.

Hip hop was big that Saturday and LIL K, LKP, JT MC IVAN and MARROW, 24/7, DOSA (who’s only 13) and the hardcore TAFASH lady MCs all did the audience proud. I believe with time LUGAFLOW will take out BONGOFLAVA, trust me, the revolution has began.

Comedy was best done by one brother who tore up the stage and audience. I didn’t quite get his name, neither did RACHAEL K, one of the MCs, but we all loved his comedy; it got our ribs aching all the time he was at it.

Only one poet perfomed, RONALD did some good pieces in Luganda and heavily accented English. His poetry however sounded like a speech or a skit but it was all good. Big up to him.

DJ mixes by two THOMASES, both DJs are called THOMAS, did good work. The old skool, scratches and mad mixes got us all bobbing our heads. They also caused a pandemonium when they started throwing free CDs of their mixes.

MAD ICE, yes, the only one, got on stage much, much later and boy is his Luganda not fine? He however didn’t take the heckling too well and had his full attitude on display, aptly assuring the amateurs that he was good and they had a long way to go before they could stand up to the likes of him. I personally think his beef was uncalled for and for a singer of his caliber and stature; ignoring the haters irks them to silence.

The only beef I still carry with WAPI K’LA is that the graffiti king and queens need a real wall not boards. Plus MCs who mime don’t do us proud.

That’s what went down. See you at the next WAPI.

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