Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and this is supposed to make you feel bad..

I’m getting raised in the MYSPACE, FACEBOOK and BLOGGING generation. Its called SOCIAL NETWORKING like we’re meeting at a fine spot in town and truly hanging out, not spending hours in front of a P.C.

See I spend hours updating my blog,uploading content onto my MYSPACE page and trying to find out what my best buddies are up to in FACEBOOK.And we’re so many that we get sorted out into groups, scores of social geeks like me.

Up here I tell about myself, I throw my best loves in the mix; like my best music and words then walk of the P.C all alone and go chill in my room; all alone. It’s even harder to talk about anything today, at least in the real world it is. I cannot even hold a conversation that is decent enough with anyone except the usual HI...But I can hang out at FACEBOOK for hours till my eyes hurt.

Its called UTANDAWAZI in Swahili speak or GLOBALISATION in this language. You meet people as far as Japan, Australia an India who exist so close that you can virtually touch them and feel the acne on their faces. They think the music you love is cool and the way you talk is hip, they like you so they drop you comments like ‘FINE UPLOAD...ELEGANTLY TOLD...YOU NEVER GET IT WRONG,BROTHER and THE WAY YOU WROTE IT TOUCHES MY CORE,BIG UP!’

The comments you get define the talk you ought to have with friends and family but your family is inside the great network they call the INTERNET and you love how people think you’re cool so you forget about real friends and go like, ‘YOU’RE SO DUMB! FACE BOOK WAS FIREWORKS TODAY, WHERE WAS YOUR DUMB BUTT?! Nextime you see your bestfriend.he thinks it’s cool to hang at FACEBOOK so he joins in and you quietly assure him it’s all free! And soon enough another one of your type is born…

It’s all ironical that I write this on my bed for the many who hit this blog...


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