Friday, October 10, 2008


Another weekend is here and soon enough it will be gone, and for that I try to find the best way to race through mine; its only one life,remember?Today the driver’s clock reads 2:11 as we speed past NKUMBA UNIVERSITY. On our way to Entebbe.
All my tired self truly needs is just a moment by the waters and some loud music to rid my mind of the weariness its suffering from. After a few windy moments I’m there and as fast as I came I head to one AERO BEACH, which would best be described as a scrap yard, what with all the plane scraps around...(Some with their engines intact)and a bunch of old seats which break off and are discarded conveniently by the lake.
I feed on some bad fish then grab a beach-seatee by the waters; I’m even lucky to grab one with foam on it so my scrawny bones won’t ache so much…
These are the pieces I tried to put together.

My buddy:

A friend of mine never lets me be..
But today his nagging feels wanted
I think he knows how much I need him
It’s clear by the way he’s all over me,

I cannot do without him
When he’s away I feel so empty
And the life around me never flows right
His name is loneliness.

Poisoned well;

She walks past me slow ad easy
With grace that puts the ostrich to sham
She’s the type that has always been beautiful.
Always been wanted by everyone
And she adores the attention she attracts

She’s always got want she wanted
Plus so much more...
She’s the life of the party
The one every dude wishes was hers
The lady we all pray for

Now she is next to me
And she is talking and acting right.
But she’s the poisoned well you quench your dying thirst on
I know she could be the one
But heartache is an ache I know could kill me.

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