Friday, October 10, 2008


We all love, right? Right. So it’s only fair that we celebrate this great feeling. And for that I’ve searched the deepest of poetic places to come up with this. A love poem from Ethiopia, yes, Ethiopia, the land of the finest ladies.
This is a translation from the original Amharic copy. I hope you get to enjoy it.
The E.A .poet presents...

Love song:

You lime of the forest, honey among the rocks
Lemon of the cloister, grape in the savannah
A hip to be enclosed by one hand;
A thigh round like a piston...
Your back - a manuscript to read hymns from.
Your eye - trigger happy shoots heroes.
Your gown - cobweb tender
And your skirts like soothing balm.
Soap? Oh no, you wash in the finest Arabian scent.
Your calf painted in silver lines
I dare not touch you!
Hardly dare to look back,
You mistress of my body
More precious to me than my hand and foot.
Like the fruit of the valley, the water of paradise.
Flower of the night, wrought by divine craftsmen.
With muscular thigh she stepped on my heart,
Her eternal heel trod me down.
But have no compassion with me:
Her breast resembles the finest gold
When she opens her heart-
The Savior image-
And Jerusalem herself a sacred city
Shout ‘Holy! Holy!’

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