Friday, October 24, 2008


I can feel it in the air around me
Like I’m locked in a windowless room
And fumes are all over me
Caressing my skin,
Kissing my face
And having their way into my chest

I feel like she’s water
A stream gushing easy torrents
All over my naked self
Bathing me, eroding my filth;
Lashing me to a painless climax.
She cleanses me…

My feet got weary ages ago
And I had myself closed off,
Locked away to my own cages.
Heavy iron bars defined my walls
My walls that were my prison,
One that I had let myself into

My dungeons air chocked me easy
And its filth layered on me gradually
I was rotting away into decayed scum…
But a tiny crack let in flower-like air
And tiny drops streamed onto me
Now I stand cleansed.

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