Monday, October 20, 2008

make me wholly yours..

It’s really nice to get inspirational at times. The idea behind this poem was to inspire and not merely to inspire anyone but to inspire I, by that I mean me and nobody else but me. If it touches a soft spot in you simply know that these things we go through in our day to day living are nothing but occurrences in our spelled out paths. Paths that we have to race or trop through in our easy pilgrimage towards destiny...
Make me wholly yours is about a tormented soul reaching out to the only relief it knows and the only one that can give that much needed relief from a life full of steep happenings.

Make me wholly yours:

Give me the firm belief
The unshaking demeanor
And rock hard devotion
To you
And to your grace

Make me accept
That this is just but
A pre-defined path
One that I have to tread upon
As I approach my destiny

Make me wholly yours
Make even the tiniest bit of me
Relentless in its pursuit
To accept and acknowledge
That you’re the all knowing one

Instill it into me
Deep and into my core
That yours is an unfaltering love
And all that you want for me
Is but the best

Inspire me, strengthen me
Hold up my crippled being
Respond to my distress
But above all
Make me wholly yours

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