Friday, October 10, 2008


Just home:

I know a place
Where the green on the land
As they say, has close to 50 shades.
The blue on the waters
And the golden yellow of the sun
Mix as if by magic;
The magic of the greatest painter there ever was…
Places where the waters
House vast amounts of pricey black gold.
Where the savannah is home
To the most beautiful beasts
And In virgin forests
Where men and animals
Drink off one water hole.

I know of cities in the black continent,
Where animal reserves
Stand side by side with the sky scrappers.
Cities in the great motherland
Where music rules
And guitars and drums and dancers
Know no such thing as sleep.
A home where great food is as plenty as air
And the best chefs don’t wear white head covers
Or work in some fancy 6-star place,
No, they mix their recipes over charcoal fires
Beside the dusty roads
And under the street lights.

I know of ladies
Who fit so well inside their dresses
You’d think they were sewn on them.
Ladies who own black flawless skin
Devoid of anything except petroleum jelly.
Ladies with eyes that make grown men fools;
With bodies that do more than impress
And with voices that make a tourist want to settle here.
Beside the ladies, men stand
Strong and bare chested with shiny backs.
Men who know how best to use their hands
For work, for fighting and for passion.
Men who call and make this their home…

I still know of places in the sweet paradise
Where grandmothers are now mothers
Decades after their breasts went dry
Where able men spend days is parks
And like nocturnal hunters they play and rob in the night.
Here where we all ask,
5 decades after, where did we go wrong?
Where taps eject sewerage,
Electricity is a luxury and not a necessity
And where only faith gets us through the day.
I know waters that run red
Graves that hold hundreds of thousands
And men who slit others’ throats without as much as a wink.

I know a place;
They call it the black continent.
Best defined by AIDS, malaria, child mortality
Rigged elections, genocides, massacres
And degrading poverty.
A place they call AFRICA
Me and a million upon million others simply call it HOME

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