Sunday, October 19, 2008

plentily scarce..

We went to his home
Mugaga's home, the great Mugaga
We needed jobs; desperately
And we figured out he had lots.
We entered the great gates
Through the beautiful orchards
Then to the great and beautiful house.

We had talked to his son
He runs the whole farm,
It’s amazing to have money
It just works for you
Mugaga was watering his flowers
So he told us to wait at the gate
For his son would soon join us.

It was quite early so we waited
At the gate outside the farm
His son was late but we could wait.
Soon the sun was over our heads
It was noon but we still waited
Later on the sun hit our backs,
Our rumbling bellies made us leave.

We passed by Kiwavu's farm
His fraction of an acre needed tilling.
And his wife was ill so we opted to help
He welcomed us inside
His toothless grin still impresses me
He gave us tea and mandazis
But he had no cow, poor Kiwavu

We left only because it was dark
We would check on rich Mugaga tomorrow
But the thought of the sun hurt us
Plus those healthy and wicked dogs...
Rich Mugaga made us wait in hunger
Yet Kiwavu fed us whole heartedly
We still don’t know who is rich and who is not.

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